CFR+ Heat Recovery Unit



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Product Overview

The CFR+ heat recovery units are distinguished by a special aluminium air-to-air counterflow heat recovery exchanger.

This means a heavy reduction of additional heating/cooling systems for fresh air, a simplified air & water plant and very low consumption.

CFR+ series units, designed or false-ceiling installation or similar, match a lot of air plant configurations and use standard AC direct driven fans, which can be replaced by EC technology interchangeable fans (as an option).

The units are provided with a standard compact filter, F7 efficiency for the fresh air flow, M5 efficiency for the exhaust air flow (F7 filter available for exhaust air as optional).

These units can be perfectly integrated into traditional room heating/cooling systems, placed in sequence or parallel.

CFR+ series is composed of eight sizes, horizontal version only, to cover a needing for ventilation from 400 up to 5000 m3/h.

For each model two configurations are available.

The models of the series CFR+ can be given with an ionization system of the air called BIOXIGEN®.

This system, unique in its type, makes the air and surfaces of the machine, of the ducts and the bordering rooms healthy and good smelling.

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