AM6000 Ozone Generator Series 0.25 - 2 g/h


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Multi-purpose Ozone Generator
(Air and Water Disinfection)

The AM6000 Ozone Generator series offer a professional range of 0.25 and 2 grams per hour ozone generator. The powerful fan driven corona discharge ozone generators to provide reliable and robust ozone production. Suitable for professional hygiene, water and deodorising applications. Simple to operate.


  • Hydroponics
  • Professional hygiene
  • Odour treatment
  • Water treatment
  • Car disinfection


  • Fixed ozone output 0.25 (AM6025), 0.5 (AM6050), 1(AM6100) and 2 (AM6200)gm
  • Pumped output at 3 or 7L/min for delivery direct to duct, room or water vessel
  • Red illuminated power switch

Ozone generator for car

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AM6025- 500MG/HR – 5L/MIN PUMP, AM6050 – 500MG/HR – 10L/MIN PUMP, AM6100- 1GM/HR – 10L/MIN PUMP, AM6200 – 2GM/HR – 10L/MIN PUMP

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