AM2300 Ozone Generator 40-80 mg/h



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The AM2300 series offer a low-level ozone generator range, ideal for safe and reliable continual odour control. The low-level ozone produced does not mask odours like fragranced air fresheners, it removes the odour. The perfect solution for washrooms, nursing homes, changing rooms, garbage rooms, hospitals and hotels.


8 different models available, providing the right options for every application.

Tough white flame retardant ABS plastic case for a cleaner and sharper image.

High-frequency electronic circuitry for optimum performance and extended service life.

Automatic power cut off to ensure safe and easy servicing.

Self-locking cover with security key lock.

Casing cover permanently attached with position lock to facilitate hands-free servicing.

Less than 4 minutes typical service time.

Ozone output fully adjustable by the user to suit room size and application.

Control options available: Variable Ozone Output Options: 40mg/hr. 70 mg/hr, all fully adjustable.

Suitable for portable and wall mountable applications. Simple installation and maintenance instructions.

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AM2304 – 0-40MG/HR, AM2307 – 0-80MG/HR, AM2324 – 0-40MG/HR TIMER, AM2327 – 0-80MG/HR TIMER