1200i PRO Air Purifier


Delivered in 5-7 Working Days

1200i PRO is a Medical Grade Air Purifier with a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 1200 m3/h.

1200i PRO combines the most advanced 4-stage filtration technology currently available on the market.

Medical-grade H13 HEPA NANO filters remove 99.97% of malicious particles from the air providing safe environments for both business and leisure.

With high efficiency in killing viruses (ie. Coronavirus) and bacteria, the effectiveness of removing unpleasant odours are ensured by the implementation of multiple filtering systems.

1200i PRO is an outstanding air purifier designed entirely for the comfort and health of you, your customers, your patients and your employees.


HEPA NANO technology

1200i PRO is equipped with AIR8’s unique HEPA filtration technology that effectively removes 99,97% of particles such as allergens, dust, pollen etc. This special air filtration technology is certified by TUV.

Super silent

1200i PRO is a super silent air purifier which means you can place it in any noise-sensitive environment. With a noise level between 25-65 dB, you can safely run the 1200i PRO air purifier while you’re sleeping.

Energy Efficient

1200i PRO air purifier is using less energy than a lightbulb while it purifies the room. Even on the highest setting, 1200i PRO only consumes 110W at the maximum level.

Easy Control

1200i PRO is very easy to use Air Purifier with a touchscreen control panel. You can easily adjust fan speed, choose auto/sleep mode, set timer etc. Touchscreen also indicates filter change time.

Filter lifetime

We recommend replacing the main filter every 3000 hours which is equal to 6 months when used 24 hours a day. 1200i PRO warns you when the filter change time has come.

Additional information

Weight43.5 kg
Dimensions57 × 32 × 132 cm


  • 4-Stage Advanced Filtration Technology
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 1200 m3/h
  • 100% Ozone-Free
  • Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Auto/Sleep Mode
  • 1-8 Hours Timer
  • Ultra-Silent Air Purifier <55 dB
  • Energy Efficient max. 110W
  • Smart Device (IoT)
  • Controlled Via An App