Ozone Nanobubble Water Treatment


Ozone Nanobubble Water Treatment

What are Nanobubbles?

Nanobubbles are defined as extremely small substances invisible to the naked eye, about 2,500 times smaller than a single grain of table salt. Nanobubbles are between 70 nanometers and 120 nanometers in size… Since they are suspended in water for a long time, they act like a battery that continuously delivers oxygen to the entire body of water. Because of their size, nanobubbles exhibit unique properties that improve countless physical, chemical and biological processes. These generators regulate and increase oxygen (ozone) levels in water supplies. As oxygen is consumed, the nanobubbles release more oxygen into the solution, maintaining the dissolved oxygen level.

Nanobubble Ozone 1

Bubbles that are less than 200nm and stay in the water for a long time. Micro-organism can be activated due to the oxygen inside these bubbles.

Nanobubble Ozone 2

Nanobubble has a negative charge that can attract positive molecules and repels each other thus keeping themselves evenly distributed in the water.

Nanobubble Ozone 3

When it collapses, it produces OH Radicals and decomposes the organic foulants

Nanobubble Ozone 4

Any S.S, algae, dust, nitrogen, phosphorous, organic matter will be caught by flocculent of the charged aggregate instantly.

Nanobubble Properties

The method of generating nanobubbles has a mean diameter of less than 200nm. Bubbles of this size are negatively charged and remain in the water for a long period of time. It does not burst and its movement is subjected to Brownian motion. They remain stable in water for a long time because of their negatively charged surface (zeta potential).

The surface area of a nanobubble is considerably large, and with super gas dissolving capacity, the concentration of dissolved oxygen carried by nanobubbles can reach saturation concentration. (6 times more effective in Oxygen transfer compared to Aeration )

nanobubble sizes

What can Nanobubbles do?

Nanobubbles provide high concentrations of reactive oxidants to participate in oxidative degradation reactions and reduce the BOD, COD, ammonia, nitrate and faecal coliform, thus improving water quality indices such as the dissolved oxygen of water. At the same time organic silt is oxidized and decomposed, thereby removing the water body odour, optimising colour, improve water quality and transparency for water body restoration. It also provides oxygen to a variety of aquatic animals in respiration, promoting new aquatic ecosystem restoration and reconstruction. Finally, it also improves the self-purification capacity and self-sustainability of water in effectively controlling total pollutants.

Benefits of Nanobubbles

What is Nanobubbles Generator?

nanobubble generator

Nanobubbles Generator is a gas-injection system that convert air/ozone/oxygen into trillions of nanobubbles.

Characteristics of nanobubbles generator

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