Ozone Machine for Deodorizing Your House

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Ozone Machine for Deodorizing Your House

Ozone machines use oxygen molecules to create an invisible layer of air that kills bacteria and viruses. They’re also effective at removing odours in homes, hotel rooms and offices. 

Ozone generators are the most effective solution for household odours. The deodorizing feature of ozone ensures that the deodorization process in the house can be done perfectly and safely. Even in heavy odours such as fire, an ozone machine is your greatest assistant.

After disinfection with ozone, no odour remains. The bad odours that permeate wood, metal, fabric, carpet and plastic in the house are easily removed with ozone. In many cases, although solutions such as throwing away these items or repainting the house, a successful result may not always be obtained. Moreover, these are expensive solutions compared to ozone machines.

Ozone generators are used to destroy both airborne pathogens and odours. Its biggest advantage is that it spreads through the air and reaches everywhere. Since it cannot be used in the presence of humans, it is an effective solution as a substitute for spraying. After the application, we need to wait for ozone to dissolve into oxygen and the environment must be ventilated and made suitable for health.

Ozone inhibits and blocks the chemical structure of bacteria, disrupting and destroying the metabolism of bacterial cells. Ozone destroys the virus by diffusing from the protein coat to the nucleic acid core, which in turn damages the viral RNA. At higher concentrations, ozone destroys the capsid or outer protein shell by oxidation, thereby affecting the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) structures of the microorganism.

What is an ozone machine?

An ozone generator uses electricity to break down oxygen into its component parts, creating a gas called ozone. This gas has powerful disinfectant properties and is used by hospitals to sterilize medical equipment. It’s also used in swimming pools to kill algae and bacteria.

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What are its advantages?

Ozone machines are very effective at killing odours. They’re also safe because they emit only small amounts of ozone. You can buy an ozone generator for home use online.

  • The products are designed to meet your needs in your home and living spaces.
  • Corona (covid-19) etc. in the environment on the contact surface and the air. destroys viruses.
  • It creates an odourless environment by destroying all pests that cause odour in the background.
  • It does not leave residue and carcinogenic waste like other disinfection tools. It turns back into oxygen in a short time.
  • Ozone is the most potent natural disinfectant. It is stronger than the hydrogen peroxide used in pesticides.
  • Ozone is produced in entirely natural ways. It naturally returns to oxygen.
  • Its source is ambient air. You do not need additional products such as any chemicals.


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