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Ozone in Water Disinfection

Ozone has a very high oxidation power and is the strongest disinfectant known. Its high oxidation power is very effective in destroying bacteria. Applying ozone in water for 1 to 10 minutes is sufficient to disinfect the water. Since viruses are very small in size, they form a parasitic biological cluster. It is not possible for viruses to be retained by bacterial filters.

Depending on the state of the water, 0.1 to 0.5 mg/lt of ozone is sufficient to kill bacteria by 99.99%. Ozone has a biocidal effect especially when there is water in the environment. This biocidal effect of ozone is widely used in the disinfection of drinking water. If there is 2 mg/lt of ozone in the water, the number of live microorganisms decreases by 99% in a few minutes. On the other hand, ozone also has a lethal effect on pathogenic viruses.

Ozone application in drinking and utility water is a method that has been used for a long time in the world.

Ozone in Water

In many countries of the world, ozone is used in the sterilization of drinking water and all companies producing bottled water. The most important reason for using ozone in the sterilization of drinking water is that after providing effective disinfection in a short time, it separates from the environment by turning into oxygen and leaving no residue.

Ozone in water disinfection is widely used globally and has also been used in drinking potable water and bottled water. In 1982, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) issued the Generally Safe (GRAS) declaration and declared ozone safe.

Ozone gas is applied in the reaction tank to mix the ozone with the water at the highest level with a venturi system, and quality and safe drinking water is obtained by completing the time required to contact the ozone.

Cost Impact:

  • Low electricity consumption,
  • Extends the efficiency and life of water filters,
  • Does not contain consumables.

Uses of Ozone in Water Disinfection:

Advantages of ozone application in drinking water

  • It destroys pathogenic (harmful to human health) microorganisms in water.
  • 3125 times more effective than chlorine
  • Due to its very strong oxidation structure, it also destroys substances such as iron, manganese, and arsenic, which are extremely dangerous for human health.
  • It increases the oxygen concentration of the water.
  • It lowers the degree of hardness.
  • Removes heavy metals
  • It clarifies the water.
  • It maximizes water quality.
  • Since ozone is produced and used as needed, there is no storage problem.
  • Eliminates bad odours and tastes.
  • It prevents germination.
  • It is economical and does not require extra time and personnel.
  • It provides faster and continuous sterilization.
  • Prevents the transmission and spread of diseases that spread through water
  • It ensures disinfection of every point of the installation.
  • Since ozonated water can be used as a disinfectant, it has great results both in the kitchen and in general cleaning points.
  • Since ozone, which completes its task, will turn into oxygen, oxygen-intensive hygienic water is formed.
  • Ozone does not change the PH value of water.
  • It destroys 99.9% of especially e-coli and legionella nesting in water tanks.
  • There are no consumables,
  • Since it is not chemical, it does not leave any residue,
  • It is not carcinogenic.
  • It is environmentally friendly,
  • It is easy to maintain and install.

The most effective and healthiest method of drinking water is with ozone, which is indicated by the experiments and international documents given.

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