Ozone Generator – What Is It?

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Ozone Generator - What Is It?

The only purpose of an ozone generator is to produce ozone gas.

An ozone generator produces ozone gas by passing oxygen through an electrical discharge. This process creates ozone molecules that combine with other gases in the atmosphere to form a powerful oxidant that destroys harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

Ozone generators produce ozone by passing oxygen through an electric discharge. The ozone then combines with other gases in the air to form a powerful oxidizing agent that kills bacteria and viruses.

Ozone generators convert the oxygen in the air into ozone gas; ozone generators. These generators are used successfully in many areas from waste water to process water, from odour removal to flue gas treatment in every industry. In addition, they are used for disinfection and increasing the quality of life in all areas of life. Before listing these areas, let’s get to know ozone closely.

Ozone is a molecule formed by combining three oxygen atoms. Ozone, which is chemically expressed as O3, is a gas with a sharp and characteristic odour. Ozone surrounds our world and protects life on earth from the harmful rays of the sun. This gas manifests itself in a pale blue colour at room temperature.

Ozone gas is a very effective disinfection tool. With this gas produced artificially by ozone generators, viruses and bacteria are killed, and organic or inorganic molecules are fragmented.

How Ozone Generators Work

The working principles of ozone generators, which enable us to produce ozone gas by breaking down oxygen molecules in the air, are as follows:

Silent Corona Discharge: It splits diatomic oxygen molecules with electrical discharges and brings these atoms together to produce ozone gas. This technique is the basic working principle of ozone generators.

Ultraviolet Radiation: This technique is similar to ozone formation in the stratosphere in that the radiation from the sun’s ultraviolet rays causes oxygen to split into atoms. It has been observed that ozone generators working with this technique provide lower efficiency than ozone generators working with corona discharge.

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