Brewery Winery Disinfection Ozone Applications

Ozone Brewery Disinfection

Ozone Brewery & Winery Disinfection Applications


Ozone technology can be used as a replacement for disinfection chemicals and can be integrated into an existing Clean In Place (CIP) system for cleaning all brewery and winery processing equipment. In fermentation and lager tanks cleaning; sanitation cycles can be shortened up to 30 minutes per CIP. Ozone is an alternative to hot water disinfection, which causes frequent thermal expansion of pipes, joints and tank materials.

Using ozone brewery disinfection as part of CIP effectively disinfects pipes. Since no by-products remain in the system, water and time savings can be achieved.

All components of the filling line can be disinfected with ozone as part of the CIP cycle. Hot water, which is especially common for filling machine sanitation, can be replaced with ozonized water to save time and energy.

Also suitable for ozone water, keg filling machines and CIP systems. In these applications, ozone can reduce costs by using steam and hot water.

Cross-contamination can occur in breweries that produce various types of drinks consecutively. Ozone, as an effective oxidizer, prevents flavour contamination in products.

How Ozone Works

Ozone water is an effective surface cleaner. It can be used on conveyor belts (eg filling lines) and on the floor of the brewery.

In recent years, anaerobic bacteria such as various Pectinatus and Megaspaera species have emerged as a serious problem in brewery processes and are often found in beer and fermentation tanks and filling machines. The superior disinfection capacity of ozone as a strong oxidizing agent reduces the microbial load at the factories.

The source of sterilized and clean water for industrial use is an issue in food and beverage production in many parts of the world. Ozone is a cost-effective method for brewing, cleaning process equipment and disinfecting the water used for rinsing throughout the facility.

Ozone not only provides effective cleaning conditions but also eliminates BOD and COD. In addition, it provides clear water by removing particles and discolourations.

Ozone leaves no by-products or flavours. It is an excellent alternative to chlorine dioxide sanitation, which is generally used in large breweries.

  • Safe, Chemical-Free and Environmentally Friendly

  • Superior Disinfection and Sanitizing Capabilities

  • Compliance With All Government Regulations

  • Prevention of Build-Up and Biofilms on Equipment

  • Easily Retrofitted with Existing Equipment

  • Modular, Within the Existing Footprint

  • Reduction of Costs


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