Ozone Applications In Vehicles

The intensive use of vehicles such as aeroplanes, trains, cars, buses, etc., because of the high entrance and exit of people, and the fact that the windows are closed, creates the odour and disinfection problem.

In addition to many disturbing odours, there are microbiological loads in the vehicle that threaten human health from the air, people, and air. These loads become more homogeneous mixture and chronic by means of air circulation, such as air conditioning etc. The smell of cigarettes, especially among smoking vehicles, is one of the biggest problems. Apart from this situation, unintentional accidents (Spilling of any product such as fish water) become a source of the odour and cause both vehicle users and passengers to be disturbed.

With the applications to be made in short periods after cleaning the vehicle with ozone gas, cigarette smell, sweat smell, moisture smell, mould smell, animal smell, meat smell, fish smell milk, etc. Although it removes many odours such as odours, it provides disinfection of the air conditioning filters and air conditioning ducts in the vehicle. Thus; In the inaccessible parts such as air conditioning filters, which have always become bacterial nests, especially in winter months; Viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, and yeasts have been destroyed and offer a healthier journey.

It does not leave any chemical residue, and it is the most effective disinfection method, which provides a great advantage in its usage areas.

By providing disinfection of air and air circulating vehicles with ozone generators, it helps to prevent chronic and infectious diseases, as well as providing a more livable environment area by increasing the oxygen rate in the environment. In addition, the ozone generator eliminates all the substances and organisms that cause bad smells in the environment and provides fresher, cleaner living space.

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