ozone applications in hospitality

Ozone Applications in Hospitality

Ozone Applications in Hospitality have numerous benefits for businesses. As Ozcon, we offer solutions that provide absolute added value to your establishment. From swimming pools to room air quality, food safety to reuse of water or treatment of use water. Ozone has a very large range of applications in the Hospitality industry.

Continuity of sterilization is one of the most necessary and challenging issues for organizations operating in the hospitality sector.

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality in hotel rooms, receptions, restaurants, and meeting rooms is a factor that the hotel management constantly struggles with. Despite careful monitoring, the hotel has many uncomfortable sources of odour that cannot be prevented. It is tried to solve the odours of the chemicals used in the cleaning of bathrooms and furniture to the rooms, walls, corridors in need of ventilation, the bathrooms that can smell mould, the areas where the kitchen materials are stored and the odours such as these are sprayed with room sprays.

Ozone technology is effective in improving air quality and providing hygiene as a technology that can eliminate odours instead of suppressing them, maintain the hygiene of the environment and prevent microorganism formation thanks to the high oxidation properties of ozone.

Application details, Indoor Air Quality Improvement and HVAC System applications can be found here.

Hotel Ozone Generator

Swimming Pool Applications

Ozone technologies use less chlorine (up to 90% savings) and provide a much more sterile environment for customers floating in the pool, improving water quality and ensuring customer satisfaction. Since it does not leave residues behind ozone, it can improve water quality by moving away from the carcinogenic and toxic effects of chlorine.

You can read the application details in the Swimming Pool Applications link.

Food Production Site Applications and Sterilization

With ozone applications, you get access to high-value-added solutions for food safety requirements and natural shelf-life improvement. Ozone applications; cold storage applications, kitchen applications, food washing and so on. provides successful results in many areas.

You can check the links below for applications such as food safety, completely removing the odour from the kitchen and 100% elimination of the emitted cooking smoke.

 Laundry Systems

Excellent disinfection is achieved by using ozone detergent without disinfecting cold water to provide a high level of energy. For more information, you can check the links of Ozone Applications for Industrial Laundry Systems.

By minimizing the need for hot water and detergent, the disinfection of linens is a huge saving item. By using Ozone Systems in industrial laundries, linens and covers are not exposed to the corrosive effects of detergent and hot water. The service life is longer.

In addition, energy and consumable costs due to hot water and detergent also decrease significantly.

You can read our detailed article about laundry applications from this link.

Legionnaires’ disease

The most important issue that is not noticed is the microorganisms that spread to the environment from drinking and domestic water and the infectious diseases caused by them. With ozone, you can eliminate the microorganisms that cause these infections and increase your comfort.

The most important issue that is not noticed in hotels is water and waterborne diseases. Ozone systems provide maximum sterilization in water by eliminating all kinds of microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, etc. in usage and wastewater.

In particular, Legionnaires’ disease, which is quite common, is generally transmitted by water and causes serious consequences. Ozone effectively kills legionella bacteria and prevents customers from the disease.

We offer many products like ozone generators, UV systems, and electrostatic precipitators for the hospitality industry, you can check them by clicking here.

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