Odour Removal with Ozone Following Water Damage

Odour Removal

Odour Removal with Ozone Following Water Damage

Many methods, traditional and modern, are used in odour removal processes. When we look at the most used modern methods of today, we see ozone technology. The deodorizing effect of ozone, which we benefit from in almost every situation, can be a solution to even the most difficult situations. In this article, we wanted to share this effect of ozone through the flood example.

What are the effects of ozone in odour removal after the flood?

Ozone, as the strongest oxidant available, can be used in all types of disinfection as well as deodorization processes. Ozone gas, which gives the best results in odour removal compared to its alternatives, presents the best struggle against all irritating odours. So much so that today it has become a frequently preferred method for the odour problems of homes or industrial areas.

Odour Removal

The Most Effective Solution for Odour Removal: Ozone

Ozone, which is the most effective agent in removing bad odours in the environment, can also be a solution for humid environments after floods. Ozone, which easily destroys the elements such as mould, fungus, damp that occur in humid environments and the odours they emit; makes the environment conducive to health. Mould, fungus and damp; poses a significant risk to human health. Increasing the environment and air quality with ozone generators ensures that this risk can be prevented.

Heavy odours in the post-flood environment; It is also the trigger of diseases such as shortness of breath, asthma, bronchitis. Many respiratory diseases and allergies are caused by different types of mould. With the use of ozone generators in humid areas, all types of bacteria and moulds are destroyed and sources of bad odour are eliminated.

Odour Removal with Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are devices that can easily remove the smell of mould and damp that permeates the environment. Ozcon’s advanced devices assure in this regard, allowing you to achieve the most effective results. You can destroy harmful substances created by humidity with Ozone generators that you can use in the after flood odour control. Thus, it can quickly put an end to the odours caused by these substances; You can prevent odour formation.

Ozcon Ozone generators help to make the environment healthy after floods and floods that occur at home or work. It is possible to get the most effective and reliable solution in a short time by making use of industrial or household ozone generators.

Ozcon provides the best Ozone generators UK, which destroy mould, moisture, and fungus in humid areas quickly and without leaving any residue, do not require consumables. You can easily remove odour by providing effective disinfection with the ozone generator model suitable for the area of use.

Odour and Microorganism Control With Ozone

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