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Ozone Water Treatment Applications

In many industries, disinfection of substances such as water, food and medicine produced for humans is done with various techniques and disinfection is a very important issue for these industrial establishments. Primary or secondary Ozone Water Treatment Application is a great solution for achieving clean water.

Microorganisms found in some underground waters used by the industry and especially in surface waters (such as lakes, streams) create operational problems in water installations or devices used. In cooling water systems, microorganisms are one of the main problems of the operator.

Disinfection of underground and surface waters

Underground waters are less problematic than surface waters. Although in some cases, we hear that a fungus coming from underground waters reproduces in sand filters and resin water softeners, making these devices impermeable. Also, we know that a bacterium called “Iron Bacterium” reproduces in old artesian pipes and from there comes to the network and creates problems.

Since there is a large number of creatures in the waters obtained from places such as streams and lakes and near-deep wells, the problems of enterprises using this type of water are greater. It is very inconvenient to put these types of water into operation without disinfection. Good filtration before disinfection saves chemicals and disinfection is more successful. Because most microorganisms live on solid particles in water. Elimination of solids with good filtration means a reduction of microorganisms. Living things that can be found in unfiltered solids can enter the facility without being destroyed by disinfection.

It is the most common chemical chlorine gas and chlorine derivatives in the world for disinfection of underground and surface waters. Chlorine derivatives combined with nitrogenous substances, especially in surface waters, are odorous and, if drunk, form carcinogenic by-products. Most of the European cities where city waters are obtained from streams and lakes use ozone gas for disinfection and this method is very common in Europe. Because ozone gas is the healthiest disinfection method and does not create harmful by-products. Currently, the number of cities and towns that use ozone gas in Europe is over 2000. Ozone water treatment is not a new technology and has been used in Europe for the past 100 years. (Ozone gas is a gas formed with only three oxygen atoms).

Disinfection can also be done with lamps that emit ultraviolet (UV) rays. However, UV is a ray and this ray power kills the living thing. Therefore, to be successful in UV disinfection, it is essential to remove water from particles very precisely and to ensure that the exposed creatures die by UV light. A very sensitive unfiltered water cannot be disinfected with UV. Since the operation of sensitive filtration is not economical, UV disinfection is a more practical choice for special processes.

Disinfection of cooling water

There is a great formation similarity between the incident on people’s teeth called “tartar” or “plaques” seen in cooling water systems. In both cases, microorganisms nest themselves with the dissolved minerals in the water or suspended minerals. Mineral crystals formed by the evaporation of water in the cooling tower and other particles coming from the air adhere to each other with adhesive materials produced by microorganisms and form layers; they block the pipes and heat exchangers, reduce heat transfer, and also aggravate the cooling tower infills, causing them to collapse. It has been understood that the formation of “plate”, which is accepted only as physical crystal growth until the last years, is formed by the secretions of microorganisms as a result of researches conducted in the USA. By eliminating these creatures or preventing their reproduction, problems in cooling systems can be minimized.

It is a very old method to destroy large algae species, which are visible in cooling waters. With this method, it is possible to eliminate sterile microorganisms. However, even if the drugs such as chlorine shock, algicide, biocide used for this disinfection destroy the microorganisms for a while, they cannot destroy the platelayers they have previously manufactured.

With ozone water treatment, ozone gas is used in the cooling water disinfection method, which has become widespread in the USA in the last 2 decades. With the fast and special oxidation power of ozone gas, on the one hand, while living things are destroyed, on the other hand, the adhesives produced by these creatures are decomposed. Thus, the platelayers are separated from each other and dragged with water and become filtered. Cooling water must be filtered.

In the disinfection of cooling water with ozone gas, as seen in the diagram above, ozone gas is delivered to the cold water chamber of the cooling tower. 99% of the ozone gas is consumed by the organic here (the ozone generator model is selected according to this need). A small amount of melted ozone remaining in the water clears the barren in the places where the water circulates and cleans the cooling system. This amount of ozone has no power to oxidize metal parts and pipes. Therefore, when this method is used, corrosion formation with ozone should not be considered in the cooling system. The results of this method, which has been used for the last ten years, have been transferred to the technical literature and it has been observed that ozone has less corrosion than other drugs.

Disinfection and filtration methods are very diverse. Many criteria such as the quality and flow of raw water, the way water is stored, the places of use of water, the characteristics of the enterprise affect the choice of disinfection and filtration. It is the most economical way to have the device and method selection work done by a specialist institution on water issues by diagnosing your problem.

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