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Pubs, cafes and restaurants are our most important socialising places. They host thousands of people every day. In addition to serving good food and drink to their customers, these places should keep their indoor air quality at the highest, keep their toilets clean. And of course, they should not disturb the surrounding neighbours with the cooking smoke and odours they extract.

We offer many solutions from the disinfection of hospitality industry like pubs, cafes and restaurants, to the improvement of indoor air quality, from removing the smoke and odour from the exhaust of kitchens to the deodorisation and disinfection in toilets.

We promise our customers to provide:

  • The right consultancy and project to solve your problems
  • The right product for the most effective solution.
  • The system or product that will provide the best efficiency at the best price.
  • The best after-sales service
  • Highest quality, certified and proven products.
Pubs and Restaurants
Pubs and Restaurants

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a clean room and use air conditioners comfortably without worrying about legionella when on a business trip, on vacation or a little weekend escape? It is also very important for business owners that their customers are satisfied with the service.

The frequency of use in hotel rooms and other common areas, human diversity, external factor and microbiological loads that threaten human health through airway threaten human health. These loads become more homogeneous mixture and chronic with the means of air circulation, etc. Although it creates the main hygiene problem in rooms and common areas, it may pose a health risk for new customers.

We offer multiple solutions for all areas of your business.

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Air Purifying



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