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In dental practices, dentists, staff, and patients can be exposed to a wide variety of air pollutants during routine dental work. One mouth alone can be host to over 350 kinds of pathogens, which can float in the air for hours.

Thus, before allowing the next patient inside the operatory, it should be left in solitude for a certain period of time. It is mandatory after any Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP) for the microorganisms suspended in the air to settle down.

This period can last from, as short as ’20 minutes’, to as long as’ 120 minutes’.

An air purifier for dentists can effectively purify the aerosols and dramatically reduce fallow time in dentists. With a maximum volume of 910 m3 / h capacity, our portable and wall-mounted air purifiers for dentists effectively clean operatories and waiting rooms air.

Air purifiers for dentists

Although hospitals and healthcare settings are places where we seek treatment, they are also places where we are exposed to diseases. So in the hospital and healthcare environment; protection of healthcare staff and visitors is as important as treating the patient. Continuous filtering and disinfection of air, surface disinfection of rooms, protective gears and medical equipment help protect people effectively.

We help hospitals and healthcare settings by providing purification solutions for the streaming air in the central ventilation system. To Purify the air in special rooms like ICUs, colonoscopy, endoscopy etc.. Air and surface disinfection solutions for patient rooms and toilets, waiting areas, public areas.

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Products for the Dental Practices & Healthcare Settings

air purifiers for dentists

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