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How Ozone Generator Works

Ozone gas is an unstable gas consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is a very high energy-carrying form of oxygen in the diatomaceous atmosphere, so ozone gas is also called ENRICHED OXYGEN or ACTIVE OXYGEN.

The difference between oxygen and ozone molecules; Ozone gas arises when the rays coming from the sun break down the oxygen in the atmosphere, or when the lightning in rain clouds breaks down the oxygen molecule. We use technology to imitate this natural phenomenon.

Ozone Corona Discharge

How corona discharge works

Although there are many academic studies and methods related to ozone gas production, it is possible to divide the ozone gas production methods into 4 basic categories. These methods are Corona Discharge, Cold Plasma, Electrolysis and UV methods. In all the methods mentioned, O2 molecules are broken down to form individual oxygen atoms. A single oxygen atom (O) combines with O2 to form ozone gas.

A typical ozone generator or ozone machine is a device that breaks down oxygen molecules to produce ozone gas, using the following methods:

Silent corona discharge: All electrical discharges such as lightning that occur in nature create ozone molecules by dividing oxygen molecules consisting of two atoms and bringing these atoms together. This technique constitutes the general working principle of ozone generators used today.

Ultraviolet radiation: This process is similar to the formation of ozone in the upper atmosphere, where the sun’s ultraviolet radiation causes O2 to split into individual oxygen atoms. The use of this method for ozone generators provides a lower efficiency than the corona method.

How is ozone produced

How Ozone Works?

The 3rd oxygen atom in ozone gas makes ozone gas extremely reactive. This active oxygen atom reacts with molecules to oxidize volatile organic compounds, or to destroy these microorganisms by breaking the cell wall of microorganisms in the environment. This process is called oxidation. Ozone gas is referred to as an extremely environmentally friendly disinfectant since ozone gas is converted back to oxygen (O2) molecule after oxidation.

Ozone Generator How it Works

Ozone is 3125 times stronger than chlorine and 725 times stronger than acid, making it the strongest disinfectant in the world. In this sense, ozone gas is used in a wide variety of sectors, and 34 different uses are explained with sub-titles. Apart from the 34 different uses of ozone, new usage areas are added to the list every day. The most important issue in ozone application areas is the application experience of the company in the relevant field.

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