How Does an Electrostatic Precipitator Work?

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How Does an Electrostatic Precipitator Work?

Electrostatic Precipitators (Filters) eliminate the particles such as odour, soot, smoke, oil, dust in the air by using the electrostatic acceleration principle and purifying the polluted, foul-smelling and greasy air extracted by commercial kitchens, or any gas-emitting business.

In the electrostatic precipitation method, the air is drawn into the washable metal pre-filter by being drawn with a fan and thus it is purified from large particles.

Particles with a size of 0.3 microns (1 micron = 1/1,000 mm) are passed through a very strong electric force region (the part where it is ionized). Here the particles are charged with a positive electric charge. These positively charged particles pass through an equally spaced parallel array of collector surfaces. These surfaces are negatively and positively charged, respectively. Positively charged surfaces repel these particles, while negatively charged surfaces attract and collect them.

The particles adhering to the filter are cleaned at the appropriate time and reinstalled. Drainage is connected to the oil taps on the device, and the accumulated oil is discharged from these taps.

In other conventional solutions, polluted and oily air is only released through a flue, the cost of filter material increases in places where dust bag filters are used, and the odour cannot be sufficiently prevented in the aqueous system.

Areas of Use

– Restaurants
– Cafes
– Hotels
– Buffets
– Food Factories
– Industrial Kitchens
– Outdoor Barbecues

Fire Prevention Feature

Electrostatic Precipitators with HT transformer (High voltage transformer feature, stop themselves in short circuits and arcs, so the ignition of the grease collected on the surfaces is prevented. This prevents possible ignition of oil and soot accumulated in the duct and device and provides extra fire protection for your business. gains the feature.

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What Electrostatic Precipitators add to your business?

Electrostatic Precipitators can create miraculous solutions in small or large spaces and is in an unrivalled position in terms of environmental cleanliness and protection. It is unmatched not only in places with space problems or in commercial kitchens but also in terms of providing quality clean air that increases with the development of environmental protection awareness.

Electrostatic Precipitators can work effectively everywhere from street cafes to large industrial kitchens, and it is becoming more and more preferred day by day with its spatial solutions and environmental friendliness.

For example, Ecokitchen series created by Expansion Electronic enables the installation of conventional type hood models in small or large spaces by effectively eliminating food odours, smoke, harmful substances, dust and heat in places where chimney installation is not possible. Ecokitchen makes chimney installations unnecessary. Best electrostatic filters in the UK

What are the significant benefits of Electrostatic Filters?

  • It prevents the extraction of greasy, oily, sooty, smelly exhaust air from your flue.
  • It minimizes your consumable costs with the Infinite Filter system.
  • Grease accumulation in your ducts is prevented. The fire hazard is reduced.
  • With the HT transformer feature, arc and short circuits that may occur in the device are prevented.
  • It contributes to your clean business image.
  • Extends the life of your fans and filters.
  • With the optional installation models, an air purification rate of up to 99% is achieved.

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