Greenhouse Ozone Applications

greenhouse ozone

Ozone application in a greenhouse has many advantages. Ozone produced in Ozone Generators is mixed in the reaction tank and water with ozone is obtained. The water here; is used as a carrier agent.

In the mixing set, the ozone is delivered to the pulverized diffuser under the reaction tank by the venturi system. Ozone spreads here in bubbles and mixes with water under pressure and maximum dissolution is achieved. The height of the reaction tank is to complete the journey that ozone bubbles need upwards with water. All materials used in these processes are specially produced for this work from ozone-resistant raw materials.

Ozone water should be given in a greenhouse environment so that it can reach the entire surface. This system can be applied with the existing irrigation organization of the greenhouse or through perforated pipes placed on the surface. To obtain a good result, it is preferred that the soil is loose, with fine granules.

Advantages of Ozone over other disinfection methods

The reason why greenhouse ozone applications are preferred especially today; is much more effective than the existing chemicals used because it has very high oxidation power and is the strongest disinfectant known.

Ozone has a short reaction time. For this reason, it completes disinfection with less contact time than other disinfectants by showing immediate effect in the application environment.

Most importantly, it is the only disinfectant that does not leave any residue, such as the chemicals used after disinfection, which makes it particularly advantageous to use in the agriculture and food sectors. This is why it is most preferred in EUROPE and AMERICA. Because ozone is produced at the application site and after it functions, it turns back to oxygen and remains saturated oxygen in the environment.

It is an important factor that also removes residues from soil such as hydrogen peroxide and methyl bromide used before.

A high oxidation force causes ozone to play a fully active role in the destruction of microorganisms.
Since ozone is produced exclusively from electricity and air, the problem of transporting and storing harmful chemicals is eliminated.

  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It prevents the formation of airborne bacteria.
  • It is safe to use in agriculture and food.
  • Operating costs such as the Solarization and Steam method are not high and, as with these methods, they are ready to process the soil as soon as possible without long processes.

Greenhouse Ozone Applications

In greenhouses, the constant high humidity and warm air inside the greenhouse make the environment very suitable for plant disease factors. For this reason, it is necessary to clean the greenhouses where production is maintained all year round from disease-causing organisms.

The use of pesticides, which initially seemed positive, has caused many problems for the environment and people over time.

The pesticides are used to accumulate in the soil over time if they are decomposed with sunlight within a certain period after application or if their chemical structures are not damaged by bacterial activities. Pesticides accumulated in the soil cause the soil microorganisms to be inactivated temporarily.

In addition, pesticides containing metals such as aluminium, copper, and tin have long half-lives so they can be taken by plants and then cause health problems in humans.

The residues that remain in the soil after fumigation with methyl bromide and hydrogen peroxide at regular intervals are taken into the human body by plants and due to the accumulation of their residues in human blood and tissues; The use of these chemicals is prohibited in Europe.

Other methods, steam disinfection, and solarization require very long processes.

The steam method can be made at great costs and the energy consumption is high. In addition, the desired results are not fully achieved. After application, it has a poison effect, especially for excessive manganese and ammonium plants that may occur in soil or growing environment with high organic matter content. Ozone eliminates all these problems in a certain and economical way.


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