Electrostatic Precipitator Applications

An Electrostatic Precipitator captures particles up to 0.3 μm in size by 98% by electrostatic precipitation method. This means that almost all of the oil and smoke produced during cooking are filtered.

In standard electrostatic precipitators, the average collector surface area for a cell is around 14 m², while in Ozcon Electrostatic Cell it is 18.4 m². Also, unlike others, the voltage values are 7 KV / 14 KV, not 6-12 KV. With these and similar differences, Ozcon provides high performance and effective efficiency.

The particles pass through the high voltage electric field region. (ionizer) Here the particles are charged with a positive (+) electric charge. These positively charged particles pass through equally spaced parallel-stacked collecting plates. These surfaces are loaded with negative (-) and positive (+), respectively. Positively charged surfaces repel these particles, while negatively charged surfaces attract and collect them.

Ozcon Electrostatic Precipitators filter 98% of oil vapour and fumes generated during cooking with the right project and equipment selection.



Between 3.000 m³ / h – 9.000 m³ / h airflow rates,
where there is a light cooking intensity
used. Duct type or in a plant applicable.


Light air cooking at 9,000 m³ / h and higher airflows
It is used at the points where the density is. Stacking device
By increasing the number, the capacity increases. Channel type or a
It can be applied to a plant.


At points where cooking intensity is heavy
It applied. Particles that the first filter will miss
the second pass holds the filter. It can also be applied by stacking.
There is no limit on airflow. Depends on the situation
It can be applied in three passes. Channel type
or it can be implemented in a plant.


Pre-filter, electrostatic precipitator, activated carbon filter and
Implemented as fixed or modular, consisting of the fan
is a compact system that knows. Attic, roof, terrace
etc. in environments that may be exposed to external factors such as
can work comfortably.

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