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Do Air Purifiers Work?

Changing lifestyles and our daily needs bring different trends. Today, it is only possible to say “clean environment” by cleaning the air. The cleaning culture, which has become very popular these days after the pandemic, has brought the trend of air purifying devices.

With this trend, numerous brands launched many products. But the same questions arose in everyone’s mind regarding these devices, do air purifiers work? Does it provide the purified air it promises? Why should it be preferred? Which is the best air purifier?

Air Purifier Benefits

Air purifiers are very useful products in many ways. Depending on your intended use, you can observe and see the results immediately. Especially in today’s climate, It is a life-saving product for houses and businesses which need high indoor air quality.

The most important point among the benefits of an air purifier is the clean air it offers for those who have respiratory problems and those with allergic diseases. Thanks to the constantly cleaned air, harmful substances such as dust, dirt, smoke and pathogens like viruses and bacteria in the environment are purified and provide more efficient respiration. In particular, antiviral air purifier products are known to not only clean the air but also reduce the risk of infectious diseases and allergy crises.

Another benefit associated with the use of these devices is seen in the settings of children and medically sensitive people. Keeping the ambient air constantly clean is the most important defence tool that prevents these harmful viruses and bacteria from harming people.

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How Do Air Purifiers Work?

The best air purifier has the simplest working principle. It collects the indoor air, traps the particles and aerosols with a HEPA filter and kills or eliminates the viruses and bacteria with UV light or Plasma Ionizers. Then the cleaned air is released back to the environment. This continuous process helps to keep the indoor air always clean.

This simple answer to the question of ‘how the air purifier works?’ should not give the impression that these devices are not working. These products, which offer a big difference even in short-term use, prevent many inconveniences that may occur in the long term. Likewise, it prevents the progression of existing ailments and even helps in their treatment. At this point, the issue to be considered is to choose your device by your needs.

It is not easy to choose the Air Purifier that suits you best among the numerous devices available on the market. There are some points you need to be careful about when choosing these products. First of all, the quality certifications and performance reports of the air purifying devices. The size of the room you want to purify the air is important. A small device for a large environment may cause problems as it will not provide the expected efficiency. Likewise, you need to determine whether you prefer the instrument you choose for moisturizing, deodorizing, mould protection or allergy. There are many UV Air Purifiers, HEPA Air Purifiers, Ionizers. Choosing the most suitable one for your room and conditions will help protect you from infectious diseases and increase your quality of life.

Which solution is right for you?

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