Bed and Breakfast disinfection

Disinfection for Hotels and B&Bs

Guests from all over the world bring their germs with them. They leave billions of bacteria in the guest rooms or guest areas. Unfamiliar bacteria species spread under suitable environmental conditions in their habitats. Disinfection for Hotels and B&Bs are crucial to protect your customers and your staff from diseases.

Especially the surfaces that are not cleaned frequently are suitable growth environments for bacteria and viruses. Especially the sweat and body fluids of the person lying in the mattress can penetrate the duvets and even into the bed, multiply with moisture and heat, rise to the surface and cause infection. Dangerous epidemic diseases such as coronavirus that we live in today can be transmitted from the surfaces touched or by air and can cause serious diseases.

Although coronavirus is the disease that affects our lives the most at the moment, one of the most dangerous diseases is legionella, which is transmitted by air vents known as travel disease. They can be easily distributed in living spaces, especially in showerheads and ventilation centres. Despite all precautions, the risk of infection may not be prevented.

Your customers deserve the highest level of comfort and hygiene.

It is very easy to protect yourself and your customers from these risks thanks to today’s technology. Today’s technologies are very effective in both surface disinfection and air cleaning. 

An air purifier can work 24/7 to keep the air in rooms, toilets or common areas constantly clean. Air purifiers reduce the risk of airborne transmission, eliminates unpleasant odours and cigarette smoke. You can choose an air purifier according to your room size or by getting help from an indoor air quality expert. The most important factors when choosing an air cleaner are as follows:

1- Certificates (CE, Eurovent, ECARF, UL etc)
2- Air cleaning method (UV, HEPA, Ion)
3- Operating noise
4- Energy consumption
5- Periodic maintenance and spare parts

Hotels are traditionally cleaned with chemicals and hydrogen peroxide. With these methods, you can only clean a quarter of the surfaces. The walls, ceilings and indelible places become habitats and reproduction areas for pathogens like bacteria and germs. Chemical residues from the cleaning chemicals will be spread in the room by airflow and settle in our lungs through the respiratory tract and may have a carcinogenic effect.

UV light or Ozone gas is the most effective methods for surface disinfection. Both disinfection methods replicate our world’s natural shield against harmful gases.

Disinfection for Hotels and B&Bs
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OC1500 Hotel Ozone Generator

Ozone Generators

Ozone gas is the most effective commercial disinfectant. With airflow, ozone can easily reach every corner of the room and provides maximum disinfection. Ozone gas does not leave any harmful residue since it turns back to oxygen after the disinfection process is completed. But sometimes, as a result of wrong product selection and wrong application, ozone odour can penetrate fabrics and curtains. Therefore, after disinfecting the room with ozone, an ozone generator that can disinfect the remaining ozone and make the room ready for the customer should be chosen.

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