How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Schools

Indoor Air Quality In Schools

Indoor Air Quality in Schools Each day in the United Kingdom, roughly 9 million students attend public and private primary and secondary. Along with the additional thousands of staff members, students and employees are constantly susceptible to infectious illnesses like influenza and the common cold, which are transmitted via airborne and surface pathogens. That is […]

Disinfection for Hotels and B&B

Bed and Breakfast disinfection

Photo by Olexandr Ignatov on Unsplash Disinfection for Hotels and B&Bs Guests from all over the world bring their germs with them. They leave billions of bacteria in the guest rooms or guest areas. Unfamiliar bacteria species spread under suitable environmental conditions in their habitats. Disinfection for Hotels and B&Bs are crucial to protect your […]

Do Air Purifiers Work?

H14 Filter Group

Do Air Purifiers Work? Do Air Purifiers Work? Changing lifestyles and our daily needs bring different trends. Today, it is only possible to say “clean environment” by cleaning the air. The cleaning culture, which has become very popular these days after the pandemic, has brought the trend of air purifying devices. With this trend, numerous […]