Improved Library Indoor Air Quality.


Residents are more confident to go to their beloved Library and cafe.

The Issue

A village located in the heart of Warwickshire has a library which is the centre of local social life. They also have a cafe inside, and it is a meeting centre for village residents and events. Although these meetings are enjoyable, they also carry some risks as many people gather in the same place.

At this point, community leaders reached out to us and expressed their concerns. Although their initial plan was to install a central ventilation system, we decided that it was necessary to understand the situation thoroughly before deciding on a system. Did they really need central ventilation?

To understand this, we had to measure the air quality during both the busiest and the quietest hours of the library. After a few weeks of measurements, even at peak hours, the CO2 rate inside did not reach 800. Thus, we have eliminated the first choice, the ventilation system installation.

Improving the Library Indoor Air Quality

After confirming that the air quality was good, we had to choose an air purifier to filter the particles and aerosols that would be emitted from the library and cafe visitors. After calculating the size of the space and the maximum number of people to be inside at a time, we chose the AIR8 1200i PRO model.

This 1200 m3/h CADR air cleaner with an H13 HEPA filter, Active Carbon Filter and UV Technology was installed and commissioned by choosing the most suitable location in the space.

The Village community, regulars and visitors are now assured of their air quality and feel safer when coming together.

Library Indoor Air Quality
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