Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant - Odour Control


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Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant - Odour Control

Atakoy Advanced Biological Treatment plant is one of the largest Advanced Treatment plants in Europe with a daily capacity of 400,000 m3.

In order to produce the necessary electrical energy, 2 gas turbines with a power of 4.6 mW each, which can burn natural gas and biogas, are used. Thanks to these gas turbines, the electrical energy needed by the facility are obtained, while the high-temperature waste gas of the turbines is utilized through heat exchangers and auxiliary heat boilers, and thermal energy is provided to the facility.

The air collected by 2 fans, each with a capacity of 65,000 m³/hour and 2 fans with a capacity of 10,000 m³/hour, from the pre-treatment units that can be a source of odour at the facility, is deodorized in 2 ozone units with a capacity of 2,215 g/hour. Ozone is produced by keeping the humidity of the air taken from the atmosphere, by exposing it to high pressure, and by the ozone generator. Ozone mixed with clean water is sprayed into the polluted air entering the washing tower, the polluted air is washed and the clean air is given out from the washing tower chimney. Pollutants in the air pass into the water and are given back to the entrance unit of the facility and are treated. Caustic is used to raise the pH of the water whose pH has decreased.

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