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What Does Car Ozone Generator Do?

Today, keeping hygiene standards high in our living spaces has become more important than before. Diseases caused by viruses and bacteria threaten human health more and more day by day. For this reason, an ozone generator for cars has become an important tool for perfect disinfection.

Most people spend a lot of time in the car every day on long-distance trips. Frequently used cars are full of many invisible bacteria, viruses, odours and other pollutants that will become more serious if they are not cleaned immediately. Using an Ozone generator in a car is the process of removing all these contaminants in the vehicle cabin and heavy odours such as cigarette, milk, cheese, fish, and bacteria odours that have permeated the vehicle by applying ozone gas.

The most touched areas in the vehicle are areas such as door handles, mirror, steering wheel, gearshift, air conditioner and front panel. The floor inside the vehicle is in the areas where dirt and harmful pathogens are taken from the outside are carried inside. The dirt in these places is carried into the vehicle from everywhere we come into contact, especially from areas such as streets and toilets, and spreads all over the car. It threatens the health of all passengers in the vehicle.

Carrying pets in the vehicle, mould and microbes formed in air conditioners seriously affect our health over time and cause bad odours.

Car Ozone Generator

How does a car ozone generator work?

High voltage electric energy is applied to split the Oxygen molecule. The resulting oxygen atoms seek the ability to connect with another oxygen molecule that forms ozone gas. Ozone gas is highly reactive and has a high oxidation ability. In this way, it instantly oxidizes and breaks down pollutants such as viruses, bacteria and odour molecules.

So how many minutes?

Although this will vary according to the size of the vehicle, an average of 30 minutes is sufficient for a successful disinfection process.

How ozone works?

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