Biocidal Product Regulations: Ozone for Bacterial Control

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Biocidal Product Regulations: Ozone for Bacterial Control

The Biocidal Products Regulations (EU) 528/2012 (BPR) came into force on 1 September 2013 repealing the Biocidal Product Directive (Directive 98/8/EC) from this date. From 1 September 2013, Ozone is regulated as an “active substance” under the BPR.

Under the BPR, anyone who wishes to market an ozone generator for a Biocidal application within the EU must have their product authorised in accordance with the BPR. This process currently first requires an “active substance” dossier in respect of ozone to be submitted by September 2016 and thereafter a specific application for each product to be marketed within the EU to be submitted by September 2017.

Should you require specific information about this regulation in your country a list of competent bodies for each European Country is available on the EUOTA website.

The BPR now covers ozone generators when used for biocidal purposes. In effect, the Regulation means that very soon no ozone generator should be sold in the EU unless it has a Product Authorisation which indicates that it is both efficacious and safe to use in its proposed application.  Contact Us for further information.

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