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Benefits of The UV Systems for HVAC

hvac uv systemsHVAC is a system that increases the comfort of the environment. It is suitable for high traffic buildings such as office buildings, factories, hospitals, shopping centres etc. that need heating, ventilation and air conditioning use this system. HVAC UV systems are the most important way to keep these systems clean and hygienic.

One of the comfortable living space requirements is the need for air conditioning. For this reason, architects must design structures suitable for HVAC systems. HVAC systems incorporate various features. It is not possible to have all the features in a system. For this reason, the first feature to be considered is the determination of the heating and cooling need.

If HVAC System operates in optimum settings it ensures that organisms such as mould, fungus, viruses and bacteria are not in the air. While the HVAC system does this, it also saves energy to keep the indoor environment at a constant temperature.

Nine main parts make an HVAC system work.

  • Air return,
  • Filter,
  • Exhaust outlets,
  • Channels,
  • Electrical elements,
  • The outdoor unit,
  • Compressor,
  • Coils,
  • Fan.

HVAC UV Systems 

For maximum efficiency, these parts should be kept clean and maintained all the time. A cleaner for HVAC system helps reduce costs. It also reduces energy and water consumption. In this way, it also protects natural resources.

Retrofit UVThe most effective disinfection solution for HVACs is Germicidal UV Systems. UV disinfection systems are used in many areas from the food industry to the pharmaceutical industry as well as for cleaning HVAC systems and the air passing through them. UV rays are one of the best-known disinfectants. Many studies and field results prove its power in killing germs. UV rapidly destroys microorganisms on the cooling coil. The batteries and drain channels in the system are cleaned. Thus, the life of the HVAC systems used extends. Besides, indoor spaces are made healthier.

UV disinfection on ventilation systems is possible in two different ways. The first of these is to disinfect the cooling coils with UV light. The second is to disinfect the air passing through the ventilation system with UV rays. Both methods to be used have their purposes. After consulting with the customer, the project manager decides which method to use. The length of the air duct will be effective in this decision. The speed, humidity, temperature of the air and the UV resistance of the microorganisms in the environment are also effective in the selection of the method. Both systems have their characteristics.

* UV Disinfection of Cooling Coils:

  • Prevents the pressure drop that may occur in the system.
  • It provides energy efficiency.
  • Internal surfaces of the system, which is disinfected with UV, maintain efficiency during heat exchange. This increases the quality of the air.
  • The need for personnel and maintenance costs are low.

* UV Disinfection of the Air Passing Through the Ventilation System:

  • Eliminates the need for mould and bacteria cleaning that requires the use of expensive materials.
  • In the ventilation system, unwanted microorganisms such as mould and fungus are prevented from living.
  • It provides the opportunity to use the performance of the HVAC system at the highest level.
  • It extends the usage time of the system.
  • It makes the ambient air healthy. It reduces the risk of people living in the environment, especially respiratory tract infections.
  • It increases the performance of the people in the environment.

As well as the attention paid to the cleaning of the HVAC systems, the people carrying out the process should also be careful. Prolonged exposure to UV rays adversely affects human health. For this reason, special equipment is used during the disinfection process.

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