Air Disinfection in Shopping Malls

Air Disinfection in Shopping Malls

In the age we live, people spend most of their time in shopping malls. Contrary to the claim that there are better quality and fresh air in air-conditioned environments; indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. It is stated that indoor air is among the top five environmental risks listed by EPA. So Air Disinfection in Shopping Malls is essential to maintain public health.

Pollutants are very high in the shopping mall. Contamination of the internal environment arising from bacteria, fungi, mould and viruses; concerns the symptoms that spread more and more through the circulation of air. These contaminants can cause health problems such as eye irritation, stuffy nose and throat, headache, dizziness and fatigue.

Ozone Generators to be used for Air Disinfection in Shopping malls;

Using Ozone in HVAC Systems:

The main pollutants in shopping malls are;

The first and most important pollutant are Volatile Organic Compounds. These are building materials, cleaners, plastics, wood products, paints, carpets, polishers, room odours, etc. If it is found intensely in indoor air, it causes allergies, asthma, eye and nasal irritation, respiratory diseases.

The second important factor is the carbon dioxide (CO2) ratio. Symptoms such as high levels of CO2 headache, restlessness, difficult breathing, sweating, high blood pressure and fatigue in the environment occur.

Finally, the smell problem creates both irritating and irritating symptoms. Food odours, body odours, odours of cleaning materials, odours caused by mould and fungi must be cleaned from the environment.

All these symptoms are called “SICK BUILDING SYNDROME”.

About the sick building syndrome; AHU systems draw air from outside the mist to dilute the volatile organic compound and to reduce the amount of CO2 within acceptable limits.

This clean air is required to improve internal quality (IAQ). This has a high cost. Because the air is taken from outside must be cooled down to room temperature. Fresh air imported into the system has a cost and increases energy consumption.

Cooling approximately 150 cfm of fresh air will require a 1-ton cooling load. ASHRAE is an association established in 1894, working in the fields of building installation systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and sustainability.

ASHRAE standard;

ASHRAE confirms the reduction in fresh air from outside if chemical contaminants in indoor air are removed.

Volatile Organic Compound Oxidation with Ozone Generators, not with oxygen from fresh air; made by ozone. Ozone is a stronger oxidizing agent than oxygen. If there is a stronger oxidant environment, a less strong oxidant cannot oxidize. Thus, the oxygen of fresh air is preserved. The fresh air intake is reduced. The need for fresh airdrops to or below 5 cfm per person.

Ozone Generators have been used more frequently to improve indoor air quality and provide energy efficiency in shopping malls, hotels, and all environments where HVAC systems are used. With the use of ozone, while minimizing energy consumption, indoor air quality by ASHRAE standards is achieved.

Controlled ozone injection is required to reduce the intake of fresh air, which is mandatory for shopping malls, and to save energy.

Ozone for Elimination of Food Odour in Shopping Malls:

Self-service dining areas, tens of sellers preparing and serving food at the same time cause smell and spread all over the shopping malls. If the smell is not disinfected, the odours created by food odours, dish moulds and moulds in the garbage increase the odour load. At the same time, these pollutants enter the HVAC system and spread to the general atmosphere of the shopping mall.

Ozone Generators are the best way to get rid of these odours and maintain air disinfection It is easy to use, requires little maintenance and last for years. Ozone; It is the best disinfectant to be used in removing odours caused by mould, smoke, sweat, garbage and food.

Ozone generators can be installed in the HVAC-AHU ducts to prevent odour problems and maintain air disinfection. The cooking smell is reduced and oil accumulation is prevented without the chance to spread to the general ventilation system.

The use of an ozone generator in the HVAC system does not only disinfect the smell but also improve the indoor air quality. It also saves up to 20% of energy consumption.

Ozone for Removing Toilet Odour in Shopping Malls:

Toilets have a great influence on shopping malls. It should be both hygienic and clean and no odour problems should occur.

The use of ozone in general toilets prevents the formation of bacteria and mould and is undesirable.

Ozone generators to be placed in general toilets; maintains a low level of bacteria, removes odours and creates the most hygienic environment possible for guests. It neutralizes toilet odours.

Ozone for the Elimination of Garbage Rooms Odour in Shopping Malls:

Garbage rooms in shopping malls are a very high smell area and they are very difficult odours that most chemicals cannot dissolve.

Garbage cans, garbage compactors have permanent odours even after they are removed from the garbage container. Most chemical cleaning and air cleaning products cannot provide solutions for the active removal of garbage odour.

The use of Ozone generators in garbage rooms is the ideal solution to eliminate garbage odour. By installing an ozone generator in the room, the need for air ducts and exhaust installation is reduced.

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